GPR #1: Koda Slim Wallet (Primo)

Welcome to first episode of our Goguma Product Review!

Today, we are featuring a slim minimalist wallet from Koda. Koda has released a high quality, genuine leather wallet for $11. This will go down as one of my favorite purchases.

Let’s look at the details.


This wallet is extremely light. Without any cards or cash inside, I can hardly feel any weight. It feels great too. It feels durable and I can feel that this wallet will last a very long time. I’ve been using this for several months and the corners of the wallet are slightly damaged, however, it’s hardly noticeable and it looks just as new.

The design is very discreet. There are no big letters or clear brand recognition on the wallet. From a feet away, it’s hard to tell what the brand is, but you can tell that it’s a high quality material.


This Primo edition wallet has 4 card slots and 1 cash slot in the middle, for a total of 5 slots. I can fit up to two cards per slot, for a total of eight cards, plus some cash in the middle. The wallet is very durable and feels strong, so I never worry about the wallet stretching too much or the stitches coming off.

They have another edition called the Elite, which features an extra slot of transparent ID window. I just checked and they are offering only the Elite edition, which offers only the black/red colorway.

I would recommend this wallet to anyone who is looking for a quality wallet at a budget.

That is all for today’s GPR. See you next time!


Koda Slim Wallet on Amazon:


Equipments Used:

Canon 80D:
Kodak Microphone:
Sandisk 32GB Memory Card:
Lighting Kit:


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